Crafting Meaningful Brands for Passionate People

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Cayambe Hutmanufaktur Branding
Brand Identity for a premium organic headwear brand based in Berlin - Germany, that specializes in geniuine Panama Hats with paja toquilla, and organic wool.
ESDIP Berlin
Print concept and design for a creative institute promoting their graphic design courses.
Vanish Social Media 2021
Social Media creativity and visual design for Vanish Spain.
MBT El Manto Blanco de Tangili Branding
Brand design and packagings for an Holistic consulting studio and organic essential oils.
Ekilibra Ecosistemas Verticales Identity
Brand Design for an interior design​ studio​ based between Ecuador and Spain​. Creates and design vertical gardens for their customers.
Personal Artwork "Circles"
Digital art exercise for using same element in all the pieces.
Branding for Redfruit Coffee
Logo and Packaging for a handmade & organic coffee brand for a startup in Zurich - Switzerland, with selected worldwide coffee.
Frontera Label Design
Premium minimal design for worldwide known wine label brand from Chile.
Huaycañan Collection
Fashion design organic couture collection created and designed by Sara Vera, inspired by Ecuadorian art and culture. Collection featured in NEO2 Magazine.
Mickey and Minnie
Digital work created in Photoshop, inspired by the Disney´s forever icon Mickey Mouse and his beloved Minnie. The colors are based on their personality and the character´s "brighter world" ideal based on happiness and imagination.
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