Client: Carisma Spa & Wellness
Country: Malta
Role: Creative Director
Brief: Special shooting for Carisma Spa rebranding on Traditional and Digital Media content.
About the Brand: Over 30 years, Carisma Spa & Wellness has provided beauty and wellness treatments to guests from all around the world. Initially starting in Turkey, and in 2010, entering in Malta, the Carisma Brand has operated in over 50 five-star hotels. Carisma prides itself on offering a holistic range of services, continuously investing in training its ever growing team, and pioneering cutting edge innovations in the health and wellness industry.
Client: Carisma Spa & Wellness
Creative Director: Sara Vera Lecaro
Photographer: Olga Ruccya
Dominika Rizkova⁠
Kurt Psiani
Linda Guran
Monika Kucerova
Cino Cino
Cino & Puspa
Natasha Trandafil
MAC Cosmetics Malta

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